The Justice for Women Lecture Series reveals, honors, and celebrates global voices of those who have experienced grave injustices and have found the strength within themselves to make a difference and inspire others to act. We work to raise awareness in Maine about the injustices women and girls face globally.

We bring exceptional speakers from around the world to talk about a truth that binds us together:  the truth of injustice.  Our speakers are global activists and leaders, committing their lives to positive, enduring change.

The series honors the tenacity of these women. It brings their successes to the fore. It shares ideas to effect lasting change. Listening to the extraordinary stories of women who have risen using powerful, yet peaceful voices is inspirational. Engaging the community in conversations about justice for women and girls is transformational.

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Past JFW speakers have traveled to Maine from Botswana, Liberia, South Africa, Afghanistan, India, Zimbabwe, Malaysia and Syria. 

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